Wi-Fi Controller
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Wi-Fi Controller

1. Extract archive and place folder in Program Files on your device using ActiveSync.
2. Make shortcut to your Today screen. I use SPB Pocket Plus and add a system icon to it, in the Web-appli tab (IE icon).

1. When you want to turn the wireless antenna on, just tap the icon.
2. A second tap will turn wireless off.
3. More than 5 consequent taps will bug the antenna switcher and you may have to soft reset the device to get it working properly again.

Below is the text of the original Read Me file, accompanying the program.

Human-edited machine translation from Japanese:

Application for switching the Wireless LAN ON / OFF


wifictrl.exe [option]

Command line options can be specified as one of the following:
on: Turn Wireless LAN ON
off: Turn Wireless LAN OFF

If you run with no command line options, ON/OFF will toggle the operation.

Please handle and redistribute it freely.
However, if data is missing or you are unable to use this software the authors cannot be held liable. Please use at your own risk.

Original download link: http://w03holic.seesaa.net/article/51166074.html

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