Rootkit for 003SH, 005SH, DM009SH - version 28.08.2012
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Rootkit for 003SH, 005SH, DM009SH - version 28.08.2012

This is the latest (as of 5th October 2012, date of posting) rootkit available for the Sharp SoftBank 003SH, 005SH and DM009SH, released in Japan on 28th August 2012.

The English translation was made by me, Cheeseus, and verified by Tokyo_dom. The original Japanese download is available here:

Unlike the previous rootkit, this one does not contain new images that you can flash to your phone. Using it, you can create a custom image from your dumped image file, unlock it (NANDUNLOCK and MYIABI) and flash it back. It also offers other options which we haven't explored yet. This means that if you simply want to upgrade your phone to the latest firmware version (because you can't take it to Japan), you should use the previous rootkit, which will also do the above unlocking for you.

Please do not redistribute this package! It will be kept here for you to download whenever you want.

If you have even a basic knowledge of Japanese (or believe you can rely on Google Translate), you should visit

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