Opera 8.6 for W-ZERO3
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Opera 8.6 for W-ZERO3

The Opera Windows Mobile Pocket PC v. 8.60 browser designed for the W-ZERO3. Archive includes the installer and the update, as well as the English language file.

1. Install opera_wmppc_860_wzero3.cab;
2. Install opera_wmppc_860_wzero3_u1.cab
3. Paste the "english.lng" file in the same folder.
4. You may leave the "ja.lng" file (in Application Data\Opera) or you may rename it to "ja1.lng" so that Opera does not discover it.

The language file is taken from Opera 8.6 PPC distribution, which, in contrast to the W-ZERO3 special edition, is paid software.

* The only known problem is that you cannot download files using Opera. If you click on a download link, the download window will open, you may be able to select download location, but as soon as you tap OK (or Cancel), the device will freeze and you will need to soft-reset it from the back. To download files I use NetFront.

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