Rootkit for SH-06D (ICS)
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Rootkit for SH-06D (ICS)

This rootkit is for the SH-06D, running Android 4.0.4. Applicable build numbers must be lower than 2.00.04. It is not known if this rootkit will work on the SH-06D NERV edition. Please send feedback after you test it.


Ensure you have installed SHARP's ADB drivers first. Get the latest version from here:

Translated into English by Cheeseus & Tokyo_dom, 17.02.2014. Please do not redistribute/upload on other websites!

UPDATE 1: The ADB environment is now included in the download package.

UPDATE 2: Apparently, after the most recent update to build version 2.00.04, we can no longer get R/W access to /data, which makes it impossible to root any SH-06D that have been updated to this version.

On 04.03.2014 19:39:51 fadhilp commented:
you need Android SDK first. then install usb driver sh06d. then click! it working like charm! however, still need execute sh06d_unlock every boot, to make it /rw root ;) Thanks!
On 06.03.2014 06:48:13 cheeseus replied:
I thought this is so obvious (that you need the ADB drivers and the Sharp ADB drivers) that it didn't need mentioning.
On 24.03.2014 02:46:38 scrubjay commented:
Does not work on mine. Cannot get read/write on /data. Any ideas?
On 24.03.2014 09:05:48 cheeseus replied:
Please specify your build number! This could be the same case as on SH-01D, where R/W permissions on /data were lost after the most recent update to build 2.00.06, and 2.00.05 is only temp-rootable.
On 25.03.2014 16:05:54 scrubjay replied:
02.00.04 - build number 1.00 - baseband version 3.0.21 - kernel version
On 26.03.2014 13:31:14 cheeseus replied:
Yes, this most probably is the reason. 2.00.04 is the latest build version for the SH-06D and was released one month after the latest build for the SH-01D (2.00.06) which removed R/W access to /data. So far no method has been discovered of overcoming this, which means your phone cannot be rooted.
On 11.08.2014 12:44:09 mrnotsosuave commented:
hello, Im really new in this root thing and I have no idea on how to root my phone using this. Help please
On 13.08.2014 10:44:07 cheeseus replied:
After you have installed the Sharp ADB drivers, connect your phone to the PC. Open command prompt and navigate to the folder where you have unpacked this rootkit. Launch it by double clicking the "root.bat" file. The rest should be pretty straightforward. However, I suggest that you first do some general reading about rooting. And do not forget there is danger of permanently bricking your phone! Good luck!

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