Temp root for models running Android 2.2 and 2.3
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Temp root for models running Android 2.2 and 2.3

Below are instructions for acquiring temporary root on older Sharp models:

model address 1 address 2
SH-10B 0x60000000 0x60000000
IS01 0x60000000 0x60000000
SH-03C 0x60000000 0x60000000
IS03 0x60000000 0x60000000
SH-12C 0x8c000000 0x8b000000
SH-13C 0x8c000000 0x8b000000
SH-04D 0x8c000000 0x8b000000
IS05 0x8c000000 0x8b000000
A01 0x8c000000 0x8b000000
IS12SH 0x8c000000 0x8b000000
IS11SH 0x8c000000 0x8b000000
003SH 0x8c000000 0x8b000000
005SH 0x8c000000 0x8b000000
006SH 0x8c000000 0x8b000000
007SH 0x8c000000 0x8b000000
SH-02D 0x8b000000 11
IS13SH 0x8b000000 11
IS14SH 0x8b000000 11
C01 0x8b000000 11
009SH 0x8c000000 0x8b000000

The package includes SHBreak v.2, SHBreak v.4, ISTweak, and AndroTweak. AndroTweak is the newer version of ISTweak.

The package also includes shdisphook with English instructions. This package is needed in case you don't have R/W permissions on /data -- When you launch SHBReak v.2, it will tell you "use shdisphook".

  1. Install the apps, check if installed on internal memory, move to internal memory if not.
  2. Launch SHBreak v.2
  3. Verify that the device model is recognized correctly. Check below chart for correct memory address.
  4. Input the correct address number manually IF NECESSARY.
  5. Tap the "BREAK!" button. After a few seconds, a pop-up screen should be displayed with lots of info on it. Scroll to the bottom. If it says "Success!", then everything is fine.
  6. Start ISTweak. If you've installed AndroTweak, start that, and go to the "Tools" tab.
  7. If the operation you did using SHBreak was successful, the top-most button will be "Enable the SU command". Press it. In the notifications bar, a message will appear that the SU command has been enabled and the pound sign (#) will remain visible. Congratulations, your phone is now temp rooted!

NOTE: This is temporary root only. Root permissions will be lost when you reboot.
You can freeze or uninstall /system apps. Ensure you've made backups before that (use Titanium Backup).

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