Opera 8.7 for w-zero3(es)
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Opera 8.7 for w-zero3(es)

Opera 8.7, originally designed for the w-zero3(ades) - the advanced [es], WS011SH, and for WM6 - appears to be running quite smoothly on my WS003SH.

I have noticed certain peculiarities, though. For instance, if you install on the miniSD, you will get the message "opactivex.dll" could not be started every time you launch Opera, so you either have to install it to device memory (works better from there) or edit the "opera.ini" file to remove the "opactivex.dll" startup entry. I have also noticed that RAM seems to drain much faster if running Opera from the miniSD. Still haven't found a way to relocate cache to the card, because this is something that consumes a heap of RAM. Another problem is that you cannot use the software keyboard o type in English. The hardware keyboard works fine.

Despite the above, I still recommend Opera 8.7. Will post any further discoveries here.

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