NetFront Browser 3.5
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NetFront Browser 3.5

Version 3.5 of the Access browser for mobiles is my preferred browser for the WS003SH. While in Opera you can only scroll the page using the scrollbar, in NetFront you can scroll by sliding anywhere on the screen. Also, a double tap will show or hide the canvas, which is a page guide.

Downside to NetFront is it takes up more RAM than Opera, a lot more. I tested both browsers with, a seriously heavy site to open on a mobile device (Opera does not display it properly). According to the Task Manager, NetFront uses 4775 KB, and Opera 2805 KB on the same page. Settings > Memory shows 5.01 MB free with Opera, and 2.5 MB with NetFront.

NetFront Google: 2111 KB
Opera Google: 1600 KB
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