• Technology:
  • Refresh rate: Hz
  • Touch sensor:
  • Size: inches
  • Resolution: px


  • Photo: MP
  • Video:
  • Image Stabilisation:
  • Aperture: n/a
  • Wide-angle: no

Operating system

  • OS:
  • Release:
  • Latest: —

Processor & memory

  • CPU: ()
  • Cores: x
  • RAM:
  • ROM:
  • microSD:


  • Waterproof: no
  • Dustproof: no
  • Shockproof: no

Sharp and AU KDDI are launching only one phone in the Winter 2013/2014 collection: the Aquos Phone Serie SHL23, which will be available to customers in November.

The Aquos Phone Serie SHL23 comes with a 4.8-inch full HD IGZO LCD display and a 460 ppi density. The display supports the HSV colour space and can auto adjust image quality depending on the time of the day, type of lightning (incadescent or fluorescent), the level of ambient brightness.

This phone boasts the same type of camera we find on Softbank's top model, the 303SH and probably on Docomo's top-tier phone of the new collection: a 16.3 megapixel shooter featuring the BrightEye + NightCatch technology and the world's best shutter sensitivity found on a phone, F 1.9. The camera also features Sharp's new multifocal capture capable of producing an image with several focus points - in both close and distant view - for even better images. There is also support for HDR shooting, high-speed shutter and 16x digital zoom.

The Aquos Phone Serie SHL23 is powered by the same 2.2 Ghz quad-core Spandragon 800 processor found on Sharp's new releases. The RAM is 2 GB and the built-in storage is 16 GB, SDXC cards supported. The four cores and the IGZO display, coupled with the 3,000 mAh battery should guarantee a smooth and long operation with only one charge.

A new feature called "Grip Magic" allows us to use the two sensors on both sides of the phone to only power the display (without sound) or vice-versa, as well as change screen rotation settings.

Also supported is "Air Operation" where we can interact with the phone without touching it, only making "air" gestures.

An additional option allows the display to be powered on by sliding a finger on the display. And the "Bright Keep" feature will not allow the display to turn off as long as some interaction is detected, e.g. when reading something.

Also featured is the Quick Launcher found on SoftBank's 302SH and 303SH, as well as the latest version of Feel UX with more customization options, and sound effect feedback on certain UI interactions.

The Aquos Phone Serie SHL23 brings Full Seg digital television with full HD playback & recording, optional external antenna connection, 4G LTE support which promises download speeds of up to 150 mbps, as well as Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac support. Other standard features include water-proofing and dust-proofing, NFC/Felica, Bluetooth 4.0, wireless printing, USB host function for mouse/keyboard and even the ability to remotely control your Cocorobo robit vacuum cleaner, if you have one.

It will be offered in whit, blue and black.

And finally a Sharp phone on which the brand name is printed (on the side)!

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