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Last updated: 28 September 2021 – 14:34

Behold, the world's lightest smartphone, at 146 grams, the Aquos zero6!

The magnesium alloy inner frame, thin back panel, and thinner front glass, help the Aquos zero6 retain its leadership. Last year's Aquos zero5G was 182 grams, which was a significant increase from the 143 grams of the Aquos zero2 and the 146 grams of the first model of the...

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Last updated: 28 September 2021 – 12:32

Sharp's winter 2021 collection features the now familiqr Aquos R6 and an upgrade to the midrange series, the Aquos sense6. It has been officially announced by docomo and by KDDI, start of availability scheduled for mid-november 2021. The AU by KDDI version is codenamed SHG05.

The Aquos sense6 has received such...

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Last updated: 9 April 2021 – 11:54

AU by KDDI is the first Japanese carrier to include the Aquos zero5G basic in its line-up, with sales scheduled to begin on 19 September 2020 under the model name Aquos zero5G basic DX SH02G. It will only be available in black and white, and in the more powerful variant: 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of ROM. Those looking forward to the upgrade will have to...

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Last updated: 26 April 2021 – 10:54

The Aquos sense5G is the third phone from the Winter 2020 collection Sharp announced on 11 September. It is nearly identical to the base model Aquos sense4 – visually it is the same; the differences are all under the hood.

Carrier AU by KDDI is the first to officially announce the Aquos sense5G under model name SHG03 – the phone...

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Last updated: 10 June 2021 – 08:54

Some six months after SoftBank released the "basic" version of the Aquos sense3, the most stripped down of three available, AU by KDDI are also launching this model, advertised as a corporate version, codenamed SHV48 and due to reach stores after mid-June 2020. There are no differences between the SoftBank and the AU version.


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Last updated: 12 May 2021 – 08:50

AU's version of the Aquos R5G rolled out under the model name SHG01.

The Aquos R5G is capable of 5G connectivity and 8K video recording.

The 5th Generation IGZO display has a diagonal size of 6.5 inches and a resolution of 1440 x 3168 pixels (4K). 10-bit colour processing delivers one billion colours and...

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Last updated: 13 January 2021 – 09:15

Japanese Carrier AU is the first to have added Sharp's second OLED-screen phone to their Winter 2019/2020 collection. Released under the model number SHV47, the Aquos zero2 is expected to start selling in late January 2020.

The Aquos zero2 sets a new display standard even as other manufacturers are struggling to catch up with the previous one:...

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Last updated: 19 July 2021 – 07:32

Japanese operator AU by KDDI has also announced the slightly bigger and better variant of the Aquos sense3, the plus, emphasising that it is great for video and music, its full name now Aquos sense 3 plus sound, model number SHV46. Sales are scheduled to begin in early December 2019.

The SHV46 is sold bundled with aptX HD compatible wireless...

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Last updated: 6 June 2021 – 06:33

Japanese carrier AU by KDDI is the first of the major three to announce the Aquos sense3 in its Winter 2019 collection, under the model name SHV45. Read below to see that it is almost the same as the Rakuten Aquos sense3 lite variant but better in certain respects.

The SHV45 is also available on AU's subsidiary UQ Communications.


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Last updated: 5 April 2021 – 08:15

AU by KDDI is the second Japanese carrier to officially announce the new Aquos R3 for the Summer 2019 collection. The model name is SHV44.

The Aquos R3 comes with a new 5th-generation IGZO display and a new (finally) camera sensor.

There is no surprise in the design, however: the Aquos...

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