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Last updated: 2 December 2017 – 08:24

The Aquos Pad SH-05G is Sharp's newest tablet for Docomo. It comes with a 7-inch screen, having a WUXGA resolution (1200 x 1920 pixels), utilising the IGZO technology. An advancement from the previous model, the SH-08E, is the PureLED backlighting, which ensures a more natural color representation.

Since the tablet is also of the EDGEST series having a very...

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Last updated: 3 December 2017 – 08:45

A new series of Aquos seems to be emerging in this Summer 2015 collection on Docomo, the Aquos Ever, with the SH-04G smartphone.

The SH-04G comes with a 5.0-inch screen, HD (1280 x 720 pixels) resolution, and does not utilise the IGZO display technology. Despite not using the idling-stop LCD technology, Sharp promise a three full days of usage...

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Last updated: 11 February 2018 – 22:20

Available from 13th May 2015, here comes the first of two new offerings by Sharp on DoCoMo:

The new Aquos Zeta SH-03G is a 5.5-inch slab of the Edgest series. The display resolution is Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), utilising the familiar IGZO technology.

A new feature is the addition of a fingerprint sensor, placed at the back, below the camera. The...

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Last updated: 6 December 2017 – 18:50

Just announced, and available from mid-November 2014, is a new beast of a phone from Sharp and DoCoMo, the Aquos Zeta SH-01G.

It comes flaunting a 5.5-inch Full HD screen built using the "idling stop" technology, a.k.a. IGZO display to help achieve long single-charge life, certainly aided by a 3,300 mAh battery. The SH-01G is...

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Last updated: 1 June 2014 – 16:28

The Aquos Pad SH-06F is the latest tablet on DoCoMo and part of the Summer 2014 series. It is a member of the EDGEST family too, offering thin bezel and a large display occupying 81% of the tablet's surface. The display size is 7 inches, like in the preceding SH-08E, but Sharp have managed to reduce it both in size: from 190 x 107 mm (H x W) on the SH-08E (72% screen...

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Last updated: 1 June 2014 – 16:40

The Aquos Zeta SH-04F is Sharp's flagship for DoCoMo's Summer 2014 collection, and like in SoftBank's newest, we notice that the word "Phone" is no longer in use in the series name, e.g. "Aquos Phone" became just "Aquos".

The Zeta SH-04F comes with a 5.4-inch screen Full HD (1080 x 1920 px) resolution of the EDGEST series having very narrow bezel – for...

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Last updated: 11 February 2018 – 19:32

The Aquos Phone EX SH-02F is to hit the shelves in Docomo stores on 14th February 2014, and expectedly, will be available in more gentle colours - magenta and white.

The SH-02F will have a 4.5 inch screen using Sharp's latest developments in the IGZO LCD tech which have managed a further increase in battery life from the first IZGO phone, the SH-02E. The display...

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Last updated: 8 October 2018 – 11:30

Docomo has officially announced their Winter 2013/2014 collection too, and in it are four Sharp phones, including a flip keitai, and a Junior phone, whereas SoftBank only had two and AU had just one.

Behold the Aquos Phone Zeta SH-01F, the 5-inch flagship wielding the impressive Full HD resolution (440 ppi) and IGZO...

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Last updated: 1 January 1970 – 02:00

This Summer 2013 collection Sharp and Docomo have more than smartphones to show - behold the Aquos Pad SH-08E tablet.

This is a significant upgrade from the first Aquos Pad, the SHT21, released by AU KDDI last year: the SH-08E too has a 7-inch screen built using Sharp's revolutionary IGZO LCD technology. But the...

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Last updated: 1 January 1970 – 02:00

The Aquos Phone Zeta SH-06E is Sharp and DoCoMo's flagship of the Summer 2013 collection, and the only smartphone in the collection to have an IGZO display.

The SH-06E has a 4.8-inch screen and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 px (Full HD) or a density of 460 ppi. The function buttons have been positioned outside of the screen area unlike most new...

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