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Last updated: 14 September 2021 – 11:06

Announced on 17 May, Sharp's Aquos R6 flagship is now pending release in a SIM-free version dubbed SH-M22, starting 24 September 2021.

While every other manufacturer is scrambling to put more and more camera sensors on their phones – and so had Sharp for their older flagships and current mid-range phones – this Aquos R6 comes with...

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Last updated: 17 August 2021 – 10:54

Sharp have decided to release the slightly bigger and better variant of the Aquos sense3, the plus, as a SIM-free device, under model name SH-M11, with sales beginning 25 December 2019.

Like the AU version, this Aquos sense3 plus puts a strong emphasis on sound quality: enhancing viewing experience, Dolby Atmos®-compatible...

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Last updated: 19 July 2021 – 07:32

Japanese operator AU by KDDI has also announced the slightly bigger and better variant of the Aquos sense3, the plus, emphasising that it is great for video and music, its full name now Aquos sense 3 plus sound, model number SHV46. Sales are scheduled to begin in early December 2019.

The SHV46 is sold bundled with aptX HD compatible wireless...

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Last updated: 18 July 2021 – 10:56

Without any prior advertising, SoftBank have announced and released a new phone called LEITZ PHONE 1, on sale from 16 July 2021. But what is it?

This is an "we'll give you the same components, you make a different design" exercise played by Leica Camera's own design...

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Last updated: 7 July 2021 – 07:34

The Aquos sense3 plus will also be sold by SoftBank, under model name 901SH, as part of their Winter 2019/2020 collection, with sales scheduled to begin in December 2019.

The Aquos sense3 plus is slightly larger than the Aquos sense3 basic/lite – adding half an inch to its 5.5" display,...

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Last updated: 28 June 2021 – 10:42

Following the launch of the Aquos R Compact on the AU and the SoftBank networks, Japan's first smartphone to utilise a free-form display was also announced as a SIM-free device under the model name SH-M06 and will be available in late January 2018. 

Advertised as "the most powerful premium compact model in Aquos history", the Aquos...

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Last updated: 28 June 2021 – 08:29

Starting 9 April 2019, Sharp will be selling a SIM-free version of the Aquos zero, code-named SH-M10.

Even six months after the original announcement, the Aquos zero continues to be the world's lightest smartphone having a screen of 6 inches or more, weighing 146 grams. For comparison, the 5.8-inch...

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Last updated: 28 June 2021 – 08:11

The SIM-free version of the Aquos R2 compact has now been offically announced, with sales starting 21 February 2019.

The only difference between the Softbank version (803SH) is the colour options, limited as usual: deep white and pure black.

The Aquos R2 compact has the world's first double-notch display and...

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Last updated: 23 June 2021 – 07:09

Quite unexpectedly, SoftBank announced today, 15 November 2018, a new smartphone for their Winter 2018/2019 collection – the Aquos R2 compact (Softbank model name 803SH). The phone is scheduled to hit shelves in Japan in mid-January 2019. It will also be available in a SIM-free version.

The Aquos...

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Last updated: 14 June 2021 – 09:23

Docomo have also announced the mid-range Aquos sense3 (of which three variants are available) under the model name SH-02M in their Winter 2019/2020 collection.

The Aquos sense 3 SH-02M comes with the impressive promise of "1 week battery life", which is possible thanks to the huge battery savings only...

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