Last updated: 5 February 2018 – 13:26

Looks like Sharp China are going to roll out a "mini" version of the Aquos S3, too – the hint comes from the Google Play Supported Devices list, where it appears as the FS8018. Updates to the Google Play list of supported devices from early February 2018 reveal that the Aquos S3 is renamed to Aquos V1, hence the mini version will be known...

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Last updated: 10 February 2018 – 11:03

Pending official announcement on 16 January 2018 (postponed indefinitely, but most likely until the Barcelona Mobile World Congress in the end of February), the Aquos S3 is already a much-discussed device – certainly because of the promise of being "bezelless" that, as we already know, is but a marketing trick.

One thing that bothers me,...

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Last updated: 11 February 2018 – 18:30

8 August 2017: The Sharp Aquos S2 has finally been announced officially and comes, as expected, in two versions – the "standard", FS8010, and the "high-specs", FS8016. The difference between the two models is mainly in the processor and RAM/ROM (read below).

The Sharp Aquos S2 is made by FIH Mobile, a subsidiary of Foxconn, and doesn't really qualify...

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Last updated: 18 November 2017 – 13:36

2nd June 2017. Sharp have just released a new device for MVNO carrier UQ Mobile dubbed the Aquos L2.

The Aquos L2 is a rebranded version of the Aquos ea for Softbank and a low-spec device with a 5-inch 720p IGZO screen. What's good about this display, other than being a low-power IGZO that guarantees long battery...

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Last updated: 4 December 2017 – 16:21

Announced in the end of October and due out in mid-December 2016 is Sharp's next SIM-free phone, the Aquos SH-M04, also released as SH-M04-A, the difference being that the latter is sold with an AC adapter and microUSB cable.

Being SIM-free, this naturally means it is a low-spec device. Indeed, on the Aquos SH-M04 we find the octa-core Snapdragon...

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Last updated: 4 December 2017 – 16:36

21 September 2016: Sharp launched the sales of the Robohon Sumaho smartphone-with-robot bundle, a limited 100 sets offer, at the - frankly - insane price of 224,640 Yen or 2,212 USD!

The bundled smartphone is a low-to-mid-range device of the EDGEST series - reduced top and sides bezel, a design that was abandoned in Sharp's 2016 collection. It features a non-IGZO,...

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Last updated: 17 December 2017 – 13:33

The Aquos P1 is the first phone Sharp are making for the Taiwan market in a few years' time. The phone's debut was in early July 2016.

The Sharp Aquos P1 is but a rebranding of the most recent iPhone-look-alikes released in Japan under the Aquos Xx3 on SoftBank, Aquos SH-04H on Docomo, and Aquos Serie SHV34 on AU.

It comes with a 5.3-inch...

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Last updated: 18 December 2017 – 23:01

Sharp and Softbank have just announced the flagship of their Summer 2016 collection, the new Aquos iPhone... oops, sorry, I mean the new Aquos Xx3 506SH. In a new and natural form that they call "Comfort & Quality", blah-blah... "Oh, Sharp are trying to copy iPhone," I said to a friend when I saw the release announcement....

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Last updated: 7 February 2018 – 11:12

Released in late February 2016, the Aquos SH-03H is a strictly-for-business traditional keitai: it lacks camera and entertainment functions, but lays a strong emphasis on security and durability.

The SH-03H is the phone you can bring with in one of those factories and offices where camera equipment is not allowed. It also lacks OneSeg and SNS applications...

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Last updated: 1 January 1970 – 02:00

The Aquos SH-M02, scheduled for 20th October 2015, is the second smartphone by Sharp that is not tied to any operator (released SIM-free) and is actually an MVNO release of the Aquos Ever SH-04G that came out in the summer of 2015.

Sadly, Sharp's MVNO phones are a tad underwhelming (consider the first SIM-free phone, the...

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