Adding custom fonts on your Sharp Android
Added on 29.06.2013 17:44:33
Adding custom fonts on your Sharp Android

NB! ONLY FOR DOCOMO / AU MODELS! This does not work for SOFTBANK models!

The Font Manager which is built into our Sharp Android smartphones is very restrictive - or, let's call things by their real names - a total pain in the ass! You can only find and download fonts if you are in Japan.

Here's a trick to bypass this restriction. The trick was discovered by a Japanese guy from the website, and originally used for the SH-03C. Please note that this method allows you to only add one new font.

It is not necessary to have root access - I have tested it on SH-01D (rooted), the SH-10D (not rooted), the SH-02E (not rooted), and the SH-12C (both rooted and unrooted).

Let's do it!

1. Prerequisites: ADB drivers installed, a folder called "ADB" (or whatever you prefer) in C:\

2. Find the font you want* to use and put it in C:\adb.

3. Rename it to customfont.ttf

4. Connect the phone to the PC using a USB cable. Open Command Prompt (Windows button + R), type cmd, navigate to the folder where the customfont.ttf file is by typing cd:\adb

5. Copy it to the phone using the following command:

adb push customfont.ttf /data/fonts

6. That's it! When you open Font Manager (Settings > Wallpaper & display > Text font), the new font will be there and you will see its real name, in my case Garamond.

7. Reboot the phone for changes to take effect.

NB! Since you can only add one custom font, you will need to delete the one you added in order to be able to add a new one. In fact, you can put as many fonts as you like in /data/fonts but only the one named customfont.ttf will display in Font Manager.

You can delete the font you've added directly from your File Manager, or using the following ADB command:

adb shell rm /data/fonts/customfont.ttf

* The BIG question... where to get fonts from? Easy! On your computer, go to C:\Windows\Fonts and choose among hundreds of options.




A new application has emerged on Google Play that does exactly the same thing as the above instructions: CustomFont Manager. So, if you don't feel comfortable running ADB commands from your PC, use this.

The only "bug" with this app is that when you add the custom font and go to the Font Manager to select it, it will not be displayed with its real name. Instead, you will see "custom". Of course, that's not a problem.

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