Cheating Font Manager and Adding Custom Fonts
Added on 18.07.2013 12:18:20
Cheating Font Manager and Adding Custom Fonts

Here is a new method to cheat Sharp's Font Manager and add custom fonts of your choice. Root is required!


1. Find the font you want.

2. Rename it to Roboto-Regular.ttf.

3. Mount /system as RW.

4. Go to /system/fonts and find the original Roboto-Regular.ttf file, and change its permissions to 666 (-rw-rw-rw).

5. Using your file manager, copy the custom font of your choice (that you have renamed to Roboto-Regular.ttf) to /system/fonts. You will be asked if you want to overwrite the existing font. Choose YES.

6. That's it. You've tricked the Font Manager and now have added one more custom font to your Sharp smartphone.


NOTE: The preset fonts in Font Manager are: 1. Morisawa ShinGo-M, 2. LC Mincho, 3. SH Crystal Touch, 4. Roboto Regular. We should be able to replace each of these with a custom font by simply renaming the custom font to match the file name of one of these. So far I've found the Roboto-Regular.ttf font. I can't find the location and/or names of the other three. I will update this article when/if I do. But I am perfectly happy with the first custom font I added - Georgia - as you can see from the attached screenshot. 

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