Safe Mode - SH-12C, SH-13C, SH-01D, SH-02D, SH-04D, SH-06D
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Safe Mode - SH-12C, SH-13C, SH-01D, SH-02D, SH-04D, SH-06D

You can boot your Sharp Android phone into Safe Mode.

The below instructions apply for all models that have a hardware MENU button, e.g. SH-12C, SH-13C, SH-01D, SH-02D, SH-04D, SH-06D.

To boot into Safe Mode:

1. Shut down the phone. Wait for 10-20 seconds.

2. Press and hold the MENU button.

3. Press the POWER button to start the phone.

Do not release the MENU button until the phone has booted completely (the Home screen is loaded)!

You will see "SAFE MODE" in the lower left corner of the display.

User-installed apps and widgets will not be loaded. In the case of the SH-12C, the amount of available RAM will be 155-160 MB free RAM (has 90-100 MB in normal boot).

Safe Mode can help you uninstall a problematic app that you have installed and is causeing you problems. It cannot help you root or update the phone's firmware.

* Alternatively, you can use the VOLUME DOWN + POWER buttons combination on other models.

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