Root SoftBank 200SH/205SH
Added on 26.03.2014 22:20:37
Root SoftBank 200SH/205SH

According to this post (in Japanese), the 200SH can be rooted using Sharp Android Rooting Tools ver. 6.1, although this model is not specifically listed in the original Readme file.

Below is a translation of the instructions, which apply for Android 4.1.2, Build version S1004, baseband 1.00.00. Please send your feedback if successful (on this or other build versions) using the comments option below.

On the 2CH forums, at least one user reports that rooting is also possible for the 205SH, build version S0008, but not for S0002. Another users reports that only temp root is possible (Option #1), while another mentions that the phone went into a boot loop after a reboot after acquiring permanent root (Options 1-2-3).


1. Install the Sharp ADB driver.

2. Download the rootkit from the link above.

3. Turn on USB debugging and disable Sleep mode.

4. Connect the phone to your PC.

5. Change USB connection mode to Card Reader.

6. Launch start.bat of the rootkit.

7. Run options 1 to 3, one after the other. This takes time but have patience. When complete, the phone will be rooted.

8. Make sure you disable automatic updates or an automatically installed update will brick your phone!

On 13.04.2014 17:33:03 rishankk commented:
Build S0008 baseband 0.00.00, Android 4.1.2, Sharp aquos 205SH On trying the above steps I got the message "root permission aquired" in step 1 and then phone went for reboot and softbank screen came up now it is stuck in softbank screen. What to do ?
On 13.04.2014 19:27:23 cheeseus replied:
I think there was a possible solution for boot loop described in the Readme, which is of course not guaranteed to work. Since I don't have this phone, I can't give you any helpful advice.
On 20.08.2014 15:51:17 mtrio416 commented:
did steps 1,2 and, 3... now it says "error: device not found", all i really wanted to do is to get through the lock screen so i can use my phone... any options?
On 21.08.2014 10:26:45 cheeseus replied:
What do you mean "get through the lock screen"? If you can't get through the lock screen, then how did you manage to turn on USB debugging and disable Sleep mode?

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