Sharp ADB Drivers
Added on 28.02.2019 07:32:41
Sharp ADB Drivers

For any communication between your Sharp phone and your PC, e.g. use of rootkits, you need the Sharp ADB drivers.

The latest version of the driver package can be downloaded here: – UPDATED 28.02.2019!

Installation instructions

  1. Unpack the downloaded archive somewhere on your PC.
  2. Connect your phone to the PC using a USB cable. You can let Windows install any generic drivers it finds but you will then update them to the Sharp ones.
  3. Go to Device Manager: Start > right click Computer and select Manage > click on Device Manager in the new window.
  4. You will see 'Android Phone' in the main window list. Double click on it or single click the expand arrow. You will see a sub-item called 'Android Composite ADB Interface'. Right click on it and select 'Update Driver Software'.
  5. Choose 'Browse My Computer for driver software' and browse to the folder into which you unpacked the downloaded Sharp driver.
  6. Depending on your phone model, Windows will either update the driver (if the currently installed version doesn't iclude your model) or will say that 'Windows has determined that the driver software for your device is up to date'. In any case, you will have installed the ADB drivers, and now you can proceed to rooting – or bricking – you phone, whichever your luck may have in store for you :D
On 29.06.2014 04:05:08 ResDog commented:
Hi there, Might be a noob question, but I followed all steps, and cannot find ADB.EXE nowhere. Can you please assist?
On 01.07.2014 10:23:43 cheeseus replied:

These are the ADB drivers for Sharp. You need to download the ADB environment files separately. Just seach Google for "adb files", there are posts on XDA and many oother places.

So, you need: 1. ADB environment files, 2. Sharp ADB files, 3. Whatever rootkit files you need (most rootkits contain the ADB environment files already).

On 24.07.2014 12:57:09 raisodeen commented:
hi there how can i remove the patern on my docomo mobile sh-01f to many atemp pattern thanks?

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