UpAny - Update your Sharp phone outside of Japan
Added on 03.01.2015 19:37:52
UpAny - Update your Sharp phone outside of Japan

There is an application on Google Play called UpAny (SHARP OTA outside Japan) which should allow you to upate your Sharp Android smartphone without having to take the phone to Japan. The software made by tewilove works by first disabling ptrace restriction (LSM) by kernel exploit, and then injecting DOCOMO/SHARP FOTA to hook JAVA.

The Google Play description lists several models that have been tested to work.
I have personally tested those marked with an *.

* SH-01D => not supported
* SH-10D => 02.00.03
* SH-02E => 02.00.06
* SH-06E => 01.00.10
* SH-07E => 01.00.05
SH-01F => 02.00.01 (Android 4.4)
SH-04F => 01.01.05
SH-06F => ?

SBM303SH => S0026
SBM302SH => S0018

Personally tested on all Sharp phones around me:
First, on my SH-01D, build version 02.00.06 --- "not supported".
Then on my girlfriend's SH-10D: the update was successful, from build version 02.00.02 to 02.00.03.
Later on her brother's SH-07E, build version 01.00.04. Successfully updated to 01.00.05.
Then on my brother's SH-06E, build version 01.00.07. Successfully updated to 01.00.10.
Also tested on a friend's SH-02E, build version 02.00.02. Successfully updated to 02.00.06.

What UpAny does is launch the built-in update checker, which downloads the update files (took 4-5 minutes in my case, the wi-fi connection dropped, so I relaunched the procedure, but the download continued from where it had stopped), reboots the phone into maintenance mode, and then installs the updates. In the SH-10D case, there were two phases, each taking about 3 minutes to complete. After completing Phase 2, the phone rebooted twice and then the Software Update app displayed an "Update completed" notification.

Please post a comment below if it works for you. Don't forget to specify your model and build number before the update and after.

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nicoroid.upany

On 05.02.2015 21:50:29 Nandosln59 commented:
Thanks a lot from Italy,it worked great on my Sharp SH 01F v.01.00.02. Now i have v.02.00.01 Android 4.4. Many thanks again.
On 13.03.2017 10:31:42 luckystrike replied:
Oh wow, you did it? I'm having trouble with it, I can't update it, I get "Make sure the software update" and an OK. What Am I doing wrong? SH-01F 01.00.02.
On 13.02.2015 09:20:09 doubting_thomas commented:
Thanks to everyone in the chain of distributing good in the name of charity and good will!:) I have upgraded my 303SH to S0026 at no cost other than some 20% of battery.
On 10.03.2015 19:07:13 nguyenya commented:
i wish can do that with SH09D :( i very need, please
On 04.05.2015 20:19:56 ondergang commented:
Thank you very much from the Netherlands. I was able to upgrade my 7inch SH-06F. The sad news is it only worked ONCE. After the update the UpAny was no longer able to start the system updater.
On 08.05.2015 08:25:26 cheeseus replied:
Yes, unfortunately, that's what happens. It appears that after a certain build version Sharp have managed to fix the exploit that allows the app to work. But even this much is good :)
On 01.06.2015 09:18:48 yoosuftk commented:
I have AQUOS PHONE SH-10D password locked, I purchased from Dubai. I forget my password, I need to hard reset but can't......what can I do? who have any idea to this model...-volume key and power button function not workin
On 27.07.2015 22:46:25 ResDog commented:
I have an Aquos Phone Si SH-07E and I DO NOT RECOMMEND installing the firmware update as my phone unfortunately become relatively slower to response and initially load apps :(
On 28.07.2015 12:39:31 cheeseus replied:
It is always good to install official updates as they fix something wrong with the device. If in your case updating has resulted in a slow-down, then perhaps you should reset the phone to factory settings. There might be some software that you have installed that doesn't work well with the update.
On 13.03.2017 10:40:57 luckystrike commented:
Cheeseus, think you can help me? I'm having trouble updating the android software I get a "Make sure the software update" and an OK button, that leads nowhere. Is there others steps to take? SH-01F 01.00.02. Thanks.
On 20.03.2017 08:24:55 cheeseus replied:
The message "Make sure the software update" is shown when you attempt to upgrade to a newer version of Android without having the required minimum build version. You need to first run "Software update" to install all software (minor) updates, and only after that can you try the "major upgrade". Hope this works for you!
On 02.07.2017 14:57:48 alin1985 commented:
Hi..can i try this app to my 303,402,403sh units?? Sh01f,Sh04g?? I mean bot to affect the phone sistem?? Thx

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