Root for Aquos Crystal 306SH, Aquos Zeta SH-01G
Added on 01.05.2016 19:20:40
Root for Aquos Crystal 306SH, Aquos Zeta SH-01G

[Last updated: 1 May 2016]

Apparently, the Aquos Crystal 306SH and the Aquos Zeta SH-01G can be rooted now, thanks to tewilove.

However, the app requires a passcode to use, which tewilove asks a fee for, but has failed to reply to my requests to purchase a code, and to other people's as well.

You can find out more about the 306SH in the dedicated forum on XDA Developers:

The app that roots the SH-01G is only available on Chinese Baidu forums (can be downloaded by anyone) but still requires a passcode to use.

Here is a link to the latest version that supposedly roots build versions 01.00.08 to 02.00.02:

My SH-01G has build version 01.00.07, so I cannot test this app. All earlier versions (that I was able to install) have failed to accomplish anything.

On 17.10.2016 17:15:37 alin1985 commented: can i contact this user tewilove? Sent him xda mesaages.nothing...want to ask him about my shl22 unlocked..have signal.make calls..but no soluțion...can You help me? Thanks

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