How to block calls from specified numbers on a Sharp phone
Added on 21.04.2017 09:40:26
How to block calls from specified numbers on a Sharp phone

If you want to prevent specific numbers from calling you, here's how to do this on a Sharp phone:

Open Settings, then Call, then Reject call setting, enter your security key when prompted, then tap Reject specified numbers call.

First select the type of response: Blocking mesage 1, Blocking message 2, or Disconnect on no answer.

Then tap the three dots in the top right corner to open the Edit menu (1). Select that and the Specified number list screen will open. Once there, tap [Add new] (2).

Enter the number you want to block, then press the OK (Tick) key on your keyboard. There is no Save button on the screen itself.

You can also copy-paste the number you want to block. The nuissance here is that you can't copy the number directly from the Recent calls list. You need to add the number to your Phonebook – you can only copy the number from the add/edit screen. You don't need to save the number in your phonebook, just go to the add number screen to copy it.

The key thing to remember when adding a number to block is how to format the number. You can't add the + sign because the field only accepts numbers, e.g. +442038682293. Initially, I tried adding two zeroes in front of the actual number with the country code, e.g. 00442038682293. Then I also tried simply pasting the number with the country code, adding nothing, e.g. 442038682293. Neither of these worked – calls from those numbers still got through.

The only option left was to add one zero in front of the number. In hindsight, this is logical, because there is only one + sign in front of the number when receiving the call.

This is tested and works on Android 4.4.4 (SH-01G).

Tested and not working – any of the above combinations – on Android 4.1.2 (SH-10D).

If you have a Sharp phone running a different version of Android, if would be great if you can share your experience in the comments below.

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