Unblock Tethering on Softbank Devices
Added on 28.05.2017 19:13:19
Unblock Tethering on Softbank Devices

Softbank are playing nasty and have removed the standard Tethering option from the Android menu, replacing it with their own app that requires you to login using a Softbank account – and for that you need an active Softbank USIM and you need to be in Japan, on the Softbank network. This means that those of you who have SIM-unlocked their phone cannot use the tethering option.

Turns out there is a simple solution. Here's what you need to do:

1. Go to Settings > Application > All and find the Tethering Option Application.

2. Tap on it to see its details, then tap the Disable button.

3. Exit Settings, then enter them again. Go to Other Settings > Network Settings and you will see a Tethering menu. Just enter that, and turn on Wi-Fi tethering or any of the other options. Enjoy!

I was tipped about this by user thegeeky on HowardForums. You can see the discussion thread here: http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php/1892855-Unlocking-tethering-on-SoftBank-Sharps-(Aquos-Xx2)

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