Enter recovery mode on the Aquos S2
Added on 11.02.2018 13:34:20
Enter recovery mode on the Aquos S2

How to enter recovery wode on the Sharp Aquos S2?

Do the following:

1. Turn off (power off) the Aquos S2.

2. Plug in a USB cable that is connected to a computer.

3. Simultaneously press the Volume Up and Power buttons and hold until the green android appears.

4. When you release the buttons, the Recovery menu will be shown.

5. Use the Volume buttons to select your desired option and press Power to confirm your choice.

If you try this, please write in the comments to help other users of the Sharp Aquos S2.

Source (in Chinese): https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5434813443. The Chinese post was translated in this post on XDA forums.

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