Problems switching between G and 3G/4G
Added on 24.08.2018 08:11:18
Problems switching between G and 3G/4G

Some Sharp phones are experiencing problems switching radio frequencies, in particular changing from 2G/GSM (EDGE – shows "G" above the signal bars) back to 3G/HSPA (shows "3G" or "H") or 4G/LTE (shows "4G" or "LTE"), after they have switched to 2G/GSM because of signal loss on the higher-data-speed frequencies.

I have personally witnessed this on the SH-01G, SHV32, and SH-01H. If they lose LTE or 3G signal, they will lock onto 2G and won't switch back over even after rebooting or manually selecting the same operator.

The problem is actually easy to solve with the SH-01G because it has a "LTE/3G only" setting on Network Mode, but not with the others.

So, for those of you experiencing the same issue, here's one way to deal with it:

Open your phone's dialler app, then dial *#*#4636#*#*. (Without the full stop.)

This will open a hidden menu containing three items. Tap "Phone Information" (the first one) to open it.

Once inside, you will see the "Set Preferred Network Type" drop-down menu. Select "LTE/UMTS auto (PRL)" or "LTE/WCDMA" or "LTE/CDMA/UMTS auto (PRL)".

Provided that you are in an area with 4G/LTE or 3G signal, you should see the tiny letters indicating the network mode above the signal bars change to "4G" or "LTE" or "3G" or "H" within seconds.

Then just exit this menu by tapping the Back button.

Don't forget to switch back to Auto (GSM included) from Settings (no need to use the secret menu) if you are travelling to an area that doesn't have 4G/3G coverage.

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