Remove System Apps Without Root!
Added on 03.04.2019 07:11:59
Remove System Apps Without Root!

It is possible to remove system apps from your Sharp Android without rooting the device.

Well, this method doesn't completely uninstall the app, it only removes it for the current user. But this is perfectly fine, as the app will no longer bother you by launching itself and by running in the background (and using up RAM and battery).

Before you proceed, you need a recent version of the Android Debug Bridge (ADB). Download it from my website by clicking here. You also need to have installed your phone's ADB drivers (different from the ADB files). To see how to do this, read here: Of course, you also need to enable USB debugging from your phone. Search online if you don't know how to.

Now let's get cracking, shall we?

1. Unpack the ZIP archive in its own folder, preferably on your C: drive, e.g. C:\root.

2. Launch the Windows Command Prompt (cmd.exe) by pressing the Windows + R keys on your keyboard. The current directory will be C:\Users\Your-User-Name>

3. Change the current directory to the folder where you've unpackaged the ADB file by typing:

cd c:\root

4. Check if you have successfully connected your phone by typing:

adb devices

You should see your IMEI number followed by the word "device".

5. Get a list of all installed packages from your phone to a text file. You need this so that you know the package name of the app you want to get rid of. Type:

adb shell pm list packages -f > shv32_packages.txt

This will create a text file called "shv32_packages.txt" in the same folder as the ADB files. You can name yours according to your phone's model.

6. Examine the file to see what packages you want to uninstall. BE CAREFUL! I don't know which packages are absolutely safe to remove, but the Google apps such as Google Books, Google Play Movies & TV, Google Talk, the Facebook and Twitter apps, as well as many (if not all) of the carrier apps, should be OK.

7. To remove an app, type:

adb shell pm uninstall --user 0 com.facebook.katana

to remove the Facebook app. You should see a "success" message in a couple of seconds.

* Adding the -k flag after the uninstall command will keep the data and cache directories, e.g.

adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.facebook.katana

But they're not something you really want to keep.

8. If you want to restore an app you've removed using the above method, type:

adb shell cmd package install-existing com.facebook.katana

9. Enjoy your lighter and faster Sharp phone!


Note: This method didn't work on my SH-01G (Android 4.4) as I get:

unknown option: --user

and I haven't been able to resolve this.

The screenshot is from my wife's SHV32 (Android 7.0) where the operation went smoothly.

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