For spares or repair, Sharp's S01SH ultra-mobile personal computer. This device was launched in May 2007 on Japanese mobile operator E-Mobile (overtaken by SoftBank in late 2010). It is the world's first 4.1-inch 800x480px device to run Windows Mobile 5, and has 128MB RAM, 512MB ROM, a 520 MHz Intel XScale PXA270 CPU and an NVIDIA GoForce 5500 graphics accelerator. You can use up to 8GB miniSD cards with the Em One.

This Em One comes with an original E-Mobile USIM that will allow you to use the built-in Wi-Fi (b/g) and Bluetooth (2.0). It is great for mobile browsing/watching videos and even HD-quality films. The 1.3MP camera can shoot in macro mode as well and has a built-in QR code scanner. The slide-out QWERTY keyboard makes it excellent for typing long texts and there are also a 4-way D-pad, an 8-directional mouse cursor with adjustable speed, and a convenient right-side scrolling wheel for scrolling pages very quickly. The device keyboard/body can also slide to the right, only revealing the D-pad and cursor with wheel for fast page navigation, which I've found very covenient.

This S01SH, however, is damaged and I cannot say what is wrong with it. When booted up, the screen will only light in white, slowly and in a "creamy frost" pattern. If you put the device in the fridge for 10 minutes, the screen will light up normally and the Em One will perform exactly as expected to, no issues. When you switch it off, and try to turn it on again, if it has warmed up, it will return to the above "creamy frost" pattern. I will make a video and link it here soon.

My asking price is US $49.99 (I bought it for $180 and it currently sells on Yahoo Auctions Japan for $100-$140. The charger I have (seen on the photo) doesn't work because the charging part of the cable is damaged - but the USB connection will work. A charger like that costs about $10. I will also include a Sharp headphones adapter to standard 3.5 mm audio jack (seen on the picture).

Expedited registered shipping to anywhere around the world is about US $20.

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