The Sharp Aquos Phone 007SH – The Hybrid, the true Japanese flip keitai in all its glory! Old but gold!

The phone is SIM-unlocked, and will work on any mobile network as long as frequencies match. Supported frequencies are: 3G/WCDMA: 1.5/2.1 GHz, GSM: 900/1800/1900 MHz.

The 007SH is fully rooted. This allows for various optimizations, such as overwriting system apps instead of having the original .apk in the /system/apps and the updated .apk in the /data/apps folder, thus saving onboard storage space. It's also possible to use Wi-Fi tethering (usually locked on Softbank phones), to convert system apps to user apps and vice versa, to disable startup items, even to overclock the processor. In order to remove your Google account, you don't need to perform a factory reset – just go to the /data folder and delete the user account database file.

Follow the link in the title to see specs.

I am selling the phone with a microSD card installed: 16 GB, Class 10.

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