Sharp taunt a new curved OLED screen flagship – 801SH
06.09.2018 10:47:40
Sharp taunt a new curved OLED screen flagship – 801SH

Sharp presented their first OLED display phone at the IFA 2018 in Berlin. The display is advertised as "truly flexible" and has a "full-curved surface design" for a 3D effect.

Apparently Sharp didn't say much about the new device, just let visitors play with it and marvel at the screen. The phone was introduced as Sharp 801SH and looking at the back cover (made of carbon fiber), we see the familiar Felica logo, which means it is destined for Japan – already rumoured as the new Aquos R3, while the code name 801SH hints at SoftBank being the first to launch it. But since it's presented in Berlin, it should reach European markets, too.

The screen measures 6.2 inches – the journalist reviewing it speculates that the resolution is 3120 x 1440 pixels – and there is a huge notch at the top. Since it doesn't appear to house anything more than the front-facing camera and the usual sensors, it could have been smaller. This is a freeform display and has its corners on all four sides rounded as in this summer's Aquos R2 flagship. Seeing the deep blacks the display generates, this is indeed an OLED screen. We are yet to see if Sharp will have managed to improve it beyond Samsung's glaring colours – I personally strongly disapprove of LED displays/lights as their prolonged use is increasingly associated with eye-sight and nervous system disorders.

The 801SH or Aquos R3 is supposedly powered by a Snapdragon 845 processor, has 6 GB of RAM, and 128 GB onboard storage. The main camera (only one) is said to be 23 MP. The 801SH is running Android 9.0.

Check out the linked video below.

Sharp began mass-production of organic light-emitting displays (OLED) in June 2018 after realigning its production lines in Kameyama and Taki in Japan. Plans include the reduction of LTPS and a-Si panels (and gradual phasing out of the former) and increasing IGZO and OLED volumes. The investment in OLED is Foxconn's and expectations are that Sharp will be supplying OLEDs for the next generation iPhones and iPads, thus ensuring quick return.