Sharp is Japan's No. 1 Android smartphone maker for 2018, too
23.02.2019 10:04:25
Sharp is Japan's No. 1 Android smartphone maker for 2018, too

Japan market analyst BCN Retail has just published its Android-based smarphone market share report for 2018 and guess what – Sharp hold the number one position even more stably than in 2017, when they had 19.1%, followed closely by Sony with 17.9% and Huawei with 15.8%.

The 2018 results are as follows:

Sharp ranks No. 1 with 23.7%

Huawei ranks second with 20.6%

Sony ranks third with 18.5%.

This report does not take into account the models that rolled out in January 2019, namely the Aquos Zero and the Aquos R2 compact that should boost Sharp's sales even higher.

With Huawei suffering government-level attacks and facing sales bans in Japan, too, and Sony Mobile losing even more than before, we should be expecting an even greater market share held by Sharp in 2019.


However, bright and shiny as this may seem when examined in isolation, when juxtaposed with the bigger picture, it's not nearly as great.

According to Singapore-based research company Canalys that released its survey results on 22 February, the Apple continues to be the undisputed leader in the smartphone niche, occupying 56% of the market in Q4 2018.

Sharp comes at a distant second with 9.8 per cent, Sony ranks third with 8.6 per cent, Samsung is fourth but on a steady rise with 6.8%, Kyocera being the last contender in the Top 5 board with 6.2%.