AGAIN: Sharp's is Japan's Best Selling Android Phone Manufacturer
02.03.2020 13:01:59
AGAIN: Sharp's is Japan's Best Selling Android Phone Manufacturer

Japanese market analysts BNC Retail have announced their smartphone market analysis and, little wonder, Sharp is Japan's No. 1 developer and seller of Android smartphones for the third consecutive year.

The market share held by Aquos phone is 26.2% – which is better than last year's 23.7%.

Ranking second is Sony with 15.1% – was 18.5% last year but still occupied the third place.

Last year's second, Huawei, have now yeilded precious turf to Sony mainly, raking third with 13.5%. This is very probably the impact of various restrictions imposed on the Chinese manufacturer last year.

Sharp's leading position was cemented with devices such as the flagships Aqous R3 and Aquos Zero and the midrange Aquos Sense3 (that came out in several variants).


Update: In the beginning of April 2020, Canalys published their review of the overall (OS-independent) smartphone market shares in Japan for 2019. According to the report, Apple have tightened their grip on their third-biggest market globally steadily increasing their share to 53.3%. This share was 50.1% in 2018 and 48.0% in 2017.

This means that Sharp's 26.2% of the Android market is equivalent to 12.2% of the overall market for smartphones.