The Corner R Display: Rounded IGZO Smartphone Display
08.10.2016 11:37:09
The Corner R Display: Rounded IGZO Smartphone Display

At the CEATEC 2016 exhibition, Sharp showcased a prototype smartphone with a rounded-corners display, dubbed Corner R, rounded on all three sides, unlike the two-sided rounding seen on Samsung's Edge series.

The curved-edge completely bezel-less display is of the IGZO low-energy-consumption LCD type that Sharp have installed on most of its recent smartphones. It has a standard Full HD (1920 x 1080 px) resolution and measures 5.2 icnhes diagonally – and it occupies 90% of the phone's face. The Corner R is built using Sharp's Free-Form Display technology, which the company demonstrated in the beginning of 2015, and which allows cutting the display in virtually any form you like.

Sharp did not say anything about the planned availability of Corner R dispaly smartphones – the earliest possible time is in their Summer 2017 collections, due to be announced sometime in May next year.

The information has surfaced, in the meantime, that the first to utilise Sharp's curved-edge bezel-less display is Xiaomi in their Mi Mix phone, announced in late October 2016 and due to be released sometime in 2017.