Sharp phones regain leading position in Japan
13.12.2017 21:54:40
Sharp phones regain leading position in Japan

Sharp's Android phones have reached the top position according to number of devices sold in the second half of 2017 in Japan, market analyst BCN Retail report.

Sharp is the leader with 19.1%, followed closely by Sony with 17.9%. Ranking third is Huawei with 15.8% of sales, while other manufacturers share the remaining 47.2%.

The report covers the period between July and October 2017, which means it is predominantly based on the sales of the Aquos R. We must note that this analysis only looks at the sales of Android devices. iPhone is still the undisputed market leader in mobile devices in general, regardless of platform.

Sharp expect to retain their leading position with the launch of the Aquos R Compact and the Aquos Sense series, including the SIM-free Aquos Sense Lite, all available starting late November/December.

Sharp used to be the best selling phone manufacturer in Japan for many years, with over 25% market share, before the arrival of the second generation iPhone.