This is a non-profit website that I am building as a hobby. Everything on this website is the result of my own research and efforts and it is here to help YOU, the unknown visitor, for FREE. However, maintaining this website costs money. And I do not mean my time or efforts.

Over the past two years, visitors to this website have increased dramatically: from about 50 a month to 1200-1400 a month (end of 2013), to over 2300 a month (September 2014)! Naturally, this leads to a huge increase in traffic - and if you are a returning visitor you may have noticed that quite a few new downloads have been added.

To help pay the costs of maintaining the website, I decided to start displaying Google Ads. But this isn't making a lot... I have been displaying Google Ads since 2010. For the period January 2010 - November 2012, the total revenue was about 20 EUR. This I added to the revenue generated from a different website that no longer exists and got paid - after waiting for the check to arrive for FIVE MONTHS!

In order for Google to make a payment, the revenue must reach 70 EUR. It took three and a half years to accumulte this much: between November 2012 and 21st March 2016. Currently, two years and a quarter since the last payout, the ad revenue accumulated is 40.85 EUR (on 28 June 2018), meaning I can expect a payout some time in 2020. Sounds promising, doesn't it?

How much it costs to maintain this website:

Please note: is my main domain, and is one of the subdomains. The main site features my own poetry, prose, academic research articles and translations of poetry and prose. There are no adverts there. Another subdomain is, which is dedicated to my PhD research project. There is also, which is where I upload information and exercises for my English language students at University. ALL OF THIS IS NON-PROFIT, GOOD WILL AND FREE.

So, if you feel that my website and my efforts have helped you in some way, please donate a couple of dollars or euros. I am not going to use it to buy beer (I love beer!) - I am going to use it to pay for the website's domain name and hosting plan. And I will list here any donations I have received (I will hide your name if you don't want it mentioned).

Donations received

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