Sharp is No. 1 Android phone seller in Japan for 4 consecutive years
01.03.2021 05:55:48
Sharp is No. 1 Android phone seller in Japan for 4 consecutive years

For the fourth consecutive year, Sharp rules the Android smartphones market in Japan. Japanese market analysts BNC Retail announced their smartphone market analysis on 25 January and the data is solid:

Sharp has sold 24.4% of all Android smartphones in Japan, while the second place goes to Samsung with 14.8%.

There is actually a notable 1.8% decrease in the market share held by Sharp – from last year's 26.2%.

Another difference in the ranking is that last year's runner-up, Sony, has now been ousted by Korean Samsung. Sony now occupies the third place with 12.9% of all Android smartphones sold in the course of 2020.

Canalys should release their 2020 report in the beginning of April. When they do, I will update this article to include the OS-independent smartphone market share held by Sharp.

Meanwhile, another analyst, the IDC, has announced its results for 2020. According to them, unsurprisingly, Apple held 47.3% of the Japanese smartphone market, followed by Sharp with 12.7%, Fujitsu with 8.5%, Samsung with 8.2% and Kyocera with 7.2%. Sony don't even get a mention as they fall into the "Others" category that held a total share of 16%.

The numbers are barely different in regard of the 2020 Japanese mobile phone market, that is, non-smartphone devices included. Again, Apple is the undisputed leader with 46.5%, Sharp follows next with 13.3%, Fujitsu with 8.3%, Samsung with 8.1%, Kyocera with 7.5%, and 16.4% remaining for other manufacturers. These data show that Sharp is the leading manufacturer of traditional keitai.

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