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Availability & Accessibility

This website (Sharp Smart Devices, and its content are available on an as-is basis. It is hosted on paid servers located in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, and in the USA, provided by a hosting company and while the hosting company guarantees 99% uptime, this website may on rare occasions be unavailable or inaccessible to visitors for reasons that are beyond the control of the website owner.

Reliability and Visitor Discretion

While every effort has been made to verify any and all information published here, actual circumstances may vary among users and devices. Where device parameters are supplied, the details have been taken directly from Sharp and/or the respective carrier website. Where toolkits and applications enabling the modification of devices are discussed, the information comes from Japanese forum boards, blogs etc. and has in some cases been personally tested by the owner of this website ("I", "me", or "Cheeseus"). Where visitors ("you") to this website decide to utilise any of the toolkits and/or applications and/or follow any of the instructions provided herein, they shall do this entirely at their own responsibility.


Certain sections of this website are only available to registered and logged-in users. Upon the website owner's discretion, each registered account may be restricted to only one IP address. Where this restriction is enabled, you may lose the ability to log in to this website if your IP address changes for whatever reason. In this case you can contact the website owner to request a manual change of your registered IP address. You may not create multiple accounts; where a user is found to have created multiple accounts, access to this website may be blocked temporarily or permanently. Accounts registered using disposable email addresses will be banned, and the IP address of the user will be blocked. Registered accounts that have not been activated will be deleted after three or more days since registration.


For practical reasons including but not limited to server load and/or generation of excessive website traffic, logged-in users are only allowed two downloads per twenty-four hours. If you have failed to successfully download a particular toolkit or application but the system has registered the download and therefore denies you further download attempts, you can contact me and request the manual lifting of the restriction for your IP. I will reply as soon as I can but my response does not necessarily mean your request will be granted.


Whereas I, the website owner, do not own the device information, parameters and specifications mentioned here, you may freely use them as you wish. However, each article (device, toolkit, application description or 'howto') is personally written by me, and as such I have author's rights (copyright) over it. This means that you may not republish any of the articles in their entirety on any medium whatsoever without my prior written permission. Excerpts of my articles may be published on other media only if the author's name (Cheeseus) and website (Sharp Smart Devices, are clearly visible next to the republished excerpt. Where I have used translated material from Japanese websites, forums and/or blogs, I have tried to include the original author's name and website address. If you are the original author of any such material, and your name/address is not mentioned, please contact me and supply the information you would like displayed.


The toolkits and/or applications available to download on this website have been created by Japanese authors. Information about them is available in the Readme file included in each downloadable package and may also be included in the article describing the toolkit and/or application. Whereas these toolkits and/or applications are freely available to download from their original locations, I cannot control the use and/or distribution of these. Where the toolkit and/or application has been localised (translated from Japanese into English) by myself and/or other people, I retain all distribution rights of the translation. This means that you are not allowed to make available any of the localised toolkits and/or applications on any other websites. Failure to comply may result in your being permanently blocked from accessing this website and publication of your name and details in such a way as to denounce your disrespectful behaviour.


The proper functioning of this website requires the collection of some personal details, particularly when registering an account, including your name, email address, IP address, coarse location. Google may collect other personal information in order to target their advertising. I shall make every attempt to protect your personal information and I will never sell it to anyone under no circumstances. I may, however, have to divulge your personal information to third parties if required by the law.


This website uses cookies (small text files stored on your computer) which help identify you if you have registered and have ticked the "Remember me" option. Third-party cookies are also stored on your computer by Google because I am showing Google advertisements. I am not in control of these cookies and they depend entirely on your Google settings, not on this website. If you're not happy with the login cookie this website stores on your computer, don't register or don't click the "Remember me" option. If you're not happy with Google's cookies, that's not my problem, sorry.

Updates & Revisions

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